“Keeping the tradition alive”, is the vision of Lex(s) Entertainment and Productions that is realized by modernizing the “getai” (road show) scene with performances and entertainment that will appeal to all generations.

Founded in 2001 by Aaron Tan, Lex(s) has incorporated impressive stage structures; fancy lighting and laser effects and stunning sound systems into the performances to rejuvenate the aging getai tradition that has been around as long as independent Singapore. 

A humble beginning. With only five shows in the year of its founding, 2001, Lex(s) has grown to an established events company that has organized 158 shows in year 2006. With more than 400 events organized in total, Lex(s) is continuing to provide and improve its services to the valuable customers.

More then just roadshow. In 2003 Lex(s) added video and audio productions to its repertoire. From 2004 onwards, Lex(s) began to provide value-added corporate services to clients such as Singapore Armed Forces and overseas clients in Malaysia and Indonesia.

The Future. Laser, stage LED and pyrotechnics are some of the new enhancements that Lex(s) will soon be including in its already impressive list of stage features.

“The youngest getai organizer” is what the local media has crowned him as. Aaron Tan, 30, the founder of Lex(s) Entertainment and productions, has been in the business since the age of 25. With his commitment, desire of perfection and demand of the highest standard, he never fails to provide his clients the most entertaining shows and events.

He has been interviewed by various media in Singapore: newspapers like New Paper, The Straits Times, Lian He Zao Bao, Lian He Wan Bao and Shin Min Daily News, as well as TV broadcasters Channel 8, Channel 5, Channel U, and Channel News Asia, radio stations FM98.3, FM97.2, FM95.8, FM100.3, and FM93.8 and even by a professor from Xiamen University (China).